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All Students Can Learn! Reaching Goals for Special Education & Special Needs

For students in Special Education programs, Stride Academy presents a fresh, engaging, and personalized online learning opportunity to help bridge the achievement gap that distances special needs students from their regular education classmates

The self-paced, adaptive program delivers differentiated instruction and targeted skills practice in a fun and interactive way using game-based rewards as reinforcement for students correctly completing academic work. This technique motivates special needs students to continue practicing and learning. Along the way, students never know the level of difficulty they are working on in the program, compared to their peers—a great equalizer as they grow skills naturally.

Continuous online assessments help teachers diagnose skills gaps, customize assignments for pre-teaching and guide you to outline an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for each student. Comprehensive, real-time data reporting monitors progress toward IEP goals, fulfills documentation requirements, and can also be sent home to parents.

Students with special needs can successfully master core Math, Literacy and Science skills at their own pace from the privacy of a computer or tablet — from school and home. Content is written specifically to Common Core State Standards and the curriculum framework for your state, so students have access to the same instruction as non-disabled students in the least restrictive environment.

Educational rationales for every incorrect answer provide teachable moments throughout the curriculum.

Automatic voiceover can be enabled so lessons and instructions are read aloud, enabling lower-level readers to work independently. Customized study guide pages can be printed for even more individualized offline practice in school or at home with parents.

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Proven Results:

OakHill Special Needs School

“Our school serves special needs students in grades 6-12 and literally every student has an IEP. Stride Academy allows our teachers to set the curriculum where each student can work successfully. Students are challenged with engaging video games as they progress. Teachers are rewarded with valuable, emailed data reports and the ease of individualizing curriculum for each student."

- Dr. Linda Harper,
Principal, OakHill School, AL

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