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Our company grows with each platform we build. At LTS we consider ourselves a family company. LTS was founded in 2001 by Brian Shulman, who decided he wanted to leave a legacy not just on the playing field, but through changing the way kids learn and using competition as the vehicle to do it.  
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It’s this singular focus that defines the LTS team and products we create!  

No matter the sport or learning objective, we make the same promise every day – the way we reach kids and teach kids is like nothing else! With more than 500 million skills practice questions answered in the past 5 years, 32% answered after normal school hours, there is no question that you can see the difference when our kids hit their STRIDE!

Like Having Another Teacher In The Classroom

We bring our standard to core standards.  We build systems that are grade-level appropriate, aligned to national and state core standards, and accessible when you want them. Login to one of our platforms and you may find yourself saying, “It’s like having another teacher in the classroom or at home!”

Changing Kids' Lives One Question at a Time

Whether your goal is to improve test scores, achieve AYP or change the way kids learn, click on one of our products to find out how LTS reaches and teaches kids in ways that no one else can. If you really want to know what we’re all about, just ask the states, schools, principals, teachers, afterschool programs, parents and kids who choose our products every day.  Their answers will tell you why a relationship with LTS really matters.  Together, we can change kids’ lives one question at a time.