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Meeting the Unique Needs of Migrant and ELL Students

We understand that your migrant students and English Language Learners (ELL) have very unique educational needs. Skills mastery in Math, Reading & Language Arts, and Science is in reach for them through the Stride Academy individualized approach to learning. Our online instruction is supported by research-based strategies to supplement migrant educational programs, as well as programs for students with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and students for whom English is a Second Language (ESL).

Embark On An Individualized Learning Path, Online, 24/7!

Photo: Smith Elementary After School Program LEP Students, San Antonio ISD

For migrant students of all ages, the Stride Academy flexible approach to instruction allows 24/7 access to Math, Literacy & Science skills practice online wherever they go — on PC, Mac and tablet devices. All they need is an Internet connection and a simple login code! The Stride adaptive technology enables them to embark on an individualized path of learning that provides foundational and remedial instruction where it is needed, and then accelerates them to more challenging levels of curriculum as they progressively master basic skill strands.

Meanwhile, as a migrant educator or administrator, you can easily track your students' progress through student data reports that are available on-demand, in real-time. Stride Academy provides the accessibility and consistency of learning to meet your migrant students' unique needs, and easily monitors their time-on-task and skills proficiencies for you. The engaging game-based reward model provides positive reinforcement to motivate students and has proven not only to raise test scores, but also build confidence and improve behavior.

Accommodating Diverse English Language Learners

Photo: Jhonatan, an LEP learner in San Antonio, TX, gained confidence to succeed in his transition to the English language!

From one ELL student to another, acquiring a new language is a very different experience for each individual learner. Their speed and fluency with the new language will vary, and many will work at different grade levels than their ELL peers in specific skill strands.

A first step in working with an ELL student is to validate prior knowledge and academic experiences. Stride Academy diagnostic assessments can assist by identifying skills gaps that may be hampering the student's foundation of understanding. Following assessment, the program prescribes differentiated instruction for each individual student based on his or her academic needs.

Most ELL educators agree that early on, ELL students need to hear the spoken words and develop oral language skills in English, before they learn to read and write English. Stride Academy provides automatic voiceover to read aloud the questions, passages and answer choices as a student works within the program.

Stride Academy provides self-paced, differentiated and prescriptive instruction to help ELL students develop basic skills and confidence in their ability to learn that will serve them well throughout their lives. ELL and migrant students in urban, suburban and rural communities are benefitting from Stride Academy skills practice. Contact an LTS representative to get access for your migrant and ELL students today.

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