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"The investment that we make for every child is equated to pennies, so I don't understand why anyone wouldn't do it. It's probably the most economical buy you can make. The ability to capture data in reading and math for our kids in real time was the exact tool that I needed to transform our organization into one that is using data to make decisions about what we do with our young people."

-Laureen Lamb, VP of Strategic Programs for Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta

Kid’s College Math, Literacy & Science:
Adaptive, Aligned, Accessible, Affordable & Engaging

Today’s students demand an individualized and engaging learning experience. Teachers have limited time each day to address the diverse needs of many students.

Kid’s College simplifies the process of differentiating instruction and engaging students. Our unique program combines Adaptive Technology with standards-aligned virtual curriculum and interactive sports video games to deliver effective, targeted and engaging instruction

Video: Kid's College In The Boy's & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta

Adaptive Technology Automatically Differentiates Instruction

One-of-a-kind STRIDE™ Adaptive Technology diagnoses individual students’ strengths and skills gaps on grade-level strands, then automatically scaffolds curriculum up or down to accelerate or remediate the student accordingly.

Every minute is spent making gains for the student.

Kid's College™ Auto-Emailed Executive Reports

As the Adaptive Technology navigates each student along an individualized course of learning, Kid’s College tracks progression or regression, generating a valuable suite of data reports that are automatically emailed to teachers each week.

Customized Study Guides

For extra offline skills practice, Kid’s College automatically generates Customized Study Guides based on areas of weakness for each student. Download and print the entire study guide or chapters by strand, and email to parents.


Integrating Technology, Sports And Video Games Into The Learning Process

Kid’s College delivers graphically appealing, interactive sports video games as reinforcement for correct answers on skills assessment. Kid’s College has proven effective in engaging even the hardest-to-reach students— improving their test scores, behavior and motivation to stay in school.


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Proven Results:

Chicago Public Schools

45% of 4th Graders at Pasteur Elementary moved from “Meets” to “Exceeds” using Kid’s College in the afterschool program.

Benjamin E. Mays students improved ISAT Math scores by 52% and Reading scores by 60% using Kid’s College over 5 years.

State Of Alabama

Of the 17 lowest performing AL schools, 14 made AYP for the first time in three years using Kid’s College.

Clark County, NV

8th Graders at Canarelli Middle School using Kid’s College scored 14% better in Math and 11% better in Reading on the ITBS than non-users.

After School Usage

33% of the 130 million total questions answered by Kid’s College students in 2009-10 were answered after school on their own time!

"Kid’s College discretely allows students to work at different levels. In the era of high stakes testing and accountability, there is no time to waste. The Adaptive Technology ensures that “time on task” is well-spent engaging students to learn."

- Dr. Shannon L. Brandt
4th Grade Teacher, Auburn, AL
2006 Milken Educator Award