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Students at El Montessori School in the City of Puerto Princesa (Palawan, Philippines) are excited to use Kid's College in their new computer lab, which they call the "eXcelKID Room." Mayor Edward Hagedorn and the City of Puerto Princesa funded the lab construction, new computers, Internet connections and Kid's College access for 200 students.

Now you can play sports for your favorite International Team in Kid’s College!

Kid’s College simplifies the process of differentiating instruction and engaging your students. Our unique program combines Adaptive Technology with standards-aligned virtual curriculum and interactive sports video games to deliver effective, targeted and engaging instruction.

Customized Study Guides

For extra offline skills practice, Kid’s College automatically generates Customized Study Guides based on areas of weakness for each student. Download and print the entire study guide or chapters by strand, and email to parents.

Integrating Technology, Sports And Video Games Into The Learning Process

Kid’s College delivers graphically appealing, interactive sports video games as reinforcement for correct answers on skills assessment. Kid’s College has proven effective in engaging even the hardest-to-reach students— improving their test scores, behavior and motivation to stay in school.

Customize your team colors, uniforms and flag to match your favorite international team!


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