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Stride Academy For Homeschool

Stride Academy simplifies the process of engaging your child or youth in learning on any personal computing device, and targeting instruction to their very specific needs. Our unique online program combines video game-based rewards with Math, Reading and Science curriculum that is aligned to critical academic standards. Skills practice questions, video lessons, printable study guide pages, assessments and quizzes provide you with a multimedia toolkit of exceptional resources to guide learning, identify skill gaps, remediate weaknesses and accelerate achievement.

Your student receives high quality learning material created by certified teachers who are subject matter experts, along with the fun and engagement of exciting video games as a reward for completing academic tasks! Stride Academy is accessible 24/7 on PC, Mac and tablet devices for anytime learning!

Skills Practice & Video Lessons

Stride Academy online skills practice and video lessons allow your student to work on material that is personalized to his or her individual needs. Ongoing assessment and Stride Adaptive Technology automatically positions the student where foundational skill-building, remediation or enrichment is needed for each skill set. Informative reports help you monitor progress along the way.

Printable Study Guides

For extra offline skills practice, Stride Academy automatically generates study guide pages for your child based on his or her areas of weakness. Download and print the entire study guide or chapters by strand.

Integrating Technology and Video Games Into The Learning Process

Stride Academy delivers exciting video games from a variety of genres (arcade, action, puzzle, sports, logic and more) as reinforcement for correct answers on skills practice. Stride Academy has proven effective in engaging even the hardest-to-reach students— improving their test scores, behavior and motivation to learn more.


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