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RTI and Title I - Promoting Early Intervention for Struggling Learners
Stride Academy prescriptive, data-driven instruction can be a pivotal tool in your attempt to provide a multi-level Response to Intervention (RTI) program that can make all the difference for youngsters and struggling teens.
Special Education & Special Needs
Students with special needs can successfully master core Math, Reading, Language Arts and Science skills at their own pace from the privacy of a computer. Continuous online assessments diagnose skills gaps and outline an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for each student.
International and Homeschool
Stride Academy is in Asia and Canada, as well as for Homeschools in the United States and abroad!
Enriching the Hours Before and After School With Fun and Learning
Students have so much fun answering skills practice questions and playing sports video games in Stride Academy, they are using the program before and after school hours on their own accord!
Migrant / ELL - Meeting Unique Needs
We understand that your migrant students and English Language Learners (ELL) have very unique educational needs. Skills mastery in Reading, Math and Language Arts is in reach for them through the Stride Academy individualized approach to learning. 
Community Education and Workforce Readiness
Our mission is to increase or refresh the basic proficiency skills of youngsters, teens and adults to maintain skills knowledge, and for preparation to enter the workforce or take the GED exam.