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Community Education and Workforce Readiness

You'll find the Stride Academy online academic program ideal to support Community Education and Workforce Readiness youth programs. Our mission is to increase or refresh the basic proficiency skills of young children, teens and adults to maintain skills knowledge, and for preparation to enter the workforce or take the GED exam. Online instruction prescribes individualized Instructional Resources based on each youth's ability level, whether they are at grade level or behind. This ensures that learning takes place on a beginning ability level to address essential Math, Literacy and Science skills. Through our personalized, adaptive learning process, every person can improve academic achievement and work at their own pace toward reaching their optimal learning zone.

Accelerate Learning and Build Confidence

Online assessment diagnoses skills gaps and prescribes supplementary instruction suited to the individual youth's needs, easing the responsibility on program staff for differentiating instruction and assigning remediation. As foundational skills are mastered, challenging questions engage all learners to grasp new knowledge. In no time, Stride Academy can prepare youth to enter the workforce with more skills confidence and, ultimately, contribute to the betterment of your organization and community. Weekly reports help your staff assess progress and document the program's accountability.

Dropout Recovery: Reconnecting At-Risk Students Through Individualized Learning

U.S. statistics show dropout rates on the rise, especially for males, minorities and children of low socio-economic status. When students continuously perform poorly, they disengage and feel trapped in a downward spiral of low academic achievement. These students are highly at-risk of problematic behaviors such as truancy, disciplinary problems and dropping out. We can help you catch these students before they fall out of reach.

Stride Academy can assist with dropout recovery by bringing these students back to a learning process they can enjoy and will respond to. Within just a few hours of using our online adaptive and prescriptive curriculum, you can target specific skills gaps and renew your students' enthusiasm to succeed again. At-risk students who tend not to participate in school are extremely engaged in the motivational video games and high score peer contests. They naturally want to compete and to challenge themselves and each other.

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Real Results:

Donoho School, AL

"The most amazing thing is that the students working the hardest in the Stride Academy program are the ones who need it the most!"

Allison Garrett,
Technology Coordinator
Donoho School, AL

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