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Common Core Assessment & Instruction

Diagnostic and Formative Assessments for PreK-Grade 8

Easily Pinpoint Skill Gaps and Individualize Instruction

LTS offers online assessments aligned directly to Common Core State Standards and serving multiple purposes:

  • Diagnostic assessments identify mastery or non-mastery of specific CCSS skills at grade level and help teachers know which students to group together for optimal instructional impact.

  • Formative assessments assist in building strong standards outlined by the Common Core and monitoring progress on CCSS skills from one assessment to the next.

Track Progress with Data Reporting
Student data reports effortlessly pinpoint skill gaps and track progress as students work to achieve proficiency on Common Core skills. At any given time, teachers and administrators know exactly where their students are performing on CCSS.

Following assessment, LTS products automatically deliver targeted remediation or enrichment on CCSS skills to the individual student as needed, ensuring every student stays on task working toward College and Career Readiness.

Coming in 2013, LTS will integrate real-time instructional videos, giving students immediate access to pop-up video instruction specific to their individual needs while working in the online program. Our extensive collection of instructional videos produced by master teachers addresses clear learning targets and foundational knowledge outlined by the Common Core. Lessons integrate engaging tasks and activities, thought-provoking and realistic problems and scenarios

Click below to view alignment reports and learn how LTS Education Systems can help you assess and teach the critical knowledge and skills required by CCSS.


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CCSS Assessment & Instruction

CCSS & Text Complexity

CCSS Alignments



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