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Strengthen your academic component & deliver the fun factor!

Extend the learning day before and after school with online supplemental skills practice and targeted instruction – the kind of personalized attention that children can’t always receive during school hours.

Math & Literacy for PreK-High School aligned to

Practice questions deliver teachable moments through educational rationales for every incorrect answer.

Automatically differentiate learning without placing demands on your staff.

Stride Academy is quick to implement with simple login codes. Administrative controls allow you to easily configure online assessments and curriculum, then allow the intuitive system to guide students, as you are freed up for one-on-one assistance.

Turn up the Competition in Engaging Games

For the children and teens attending before and after school programs, we know that they look forward to a “brain break” for entertainment and social connection with their peers.

21st Century Community Learning Centers, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs and other programs are implementing Stride Academy as the perfect combination of educational enrichment, exciting video games and online peer competitions!

Choose from a growing collection of games in a variety of genres.
Compete with your peers and follow the rankings in real-time!

Accountability & Documentation

On-demand, real-time reporting tracks utilization, performance and progress data critical to keeping and expanding funding opportunities.

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Proven Results:

Robert Ellis, Unit Director for Boys & Girls Clubs of Pitt County, North Carolina, says…

"Our kids never know the level of difficulty the program has assigned to them — a great equalizer as they grow with the program naturally. That growth is managed by the learning system as it continually measures and adjusts skill levels for the kids using it. Meanwhile, the kids who want to compete do — individuals to individuals, and even club to club!

Our staff receives great data from LTS, allowing us to track overall usage and effectiveness, as well as the growth of individual club members.Overall, the program very nearly manages itself, while accommodating different abilities and learning speeds. The games are fun and consistently allow for learning "breaks." We have no empty chairs in our computer center, and kids constantly ask — make that beg — for a turn!"