Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta

With KCX, we assess progress and achievement in real-time, and see significant gains in the math skills mastery of our members."

-Mike Armstrong, Director of Measurement & Evaluation
-Laureen Lamb, Vice President of Education

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arkansas

"KCX not only meets all of our educational and tutoring needs, it delivers the fun factor!"

-Shelby Kriz, Director of Education

Boys & Girls Clubs of Bulloch County, GA

"KCX focuses largely on measurable outcomes and is aligned with core standards, providing an advantage for sharing success stories with local and state education officials."

-Mike Jones, Executive Director

YMCA of Greater Cincinnati

"Our 6,000 students enjoy learning with KCX practice questions tailored to their needs and the fun sports games; parents welcome the summer learning opportunities to keep kids on track using the easy web access."

-Rebecca Kelley, Group Vice President, Community Services

YMCA of Greater Toledo

"KCX provides easy web access from home, school or the library, great testing data and results, and detailed strategies for success for students in our 21st CCLC program and our urban YMCA childcare program."

-Sarah Otis, VP of Child Development

How can we differentiate instruction beyond the school day? Beyond the classroom? Automatically?

We delivered with STRIDE™ adaptive technology and data reports that run themselves and arrive in the your email inbox weekly, allowing you to know in the first week where each student's skills gaps lie.

Test our KCX platform and witness how it identifies skills gaps and automatically differentiates instruction while providing data-driven outcomes and measurement.

We provide user-friendly data reporting that illustrates student usage, performance and progress. Real-time data reporting assists with documenting goals to satisfy grant requirements.

KCX provides a fun and engaging way to learn. In fact, students have so much fun competing in the sports video games, they often don't realize how much they are learning along the way!

Why do students answer questions without teachers or parents asking them to? Because they love sports, competition and gaming.

With our disguised learning approach,
students work hard to earn points,
trophies and outscore their classmates.
Behind the competition, students
retain the learning!

With more than 500 Million Questions
in the past 5 years,
32% answered after normal
school hours
, we know that when kids
compete and learn, everyone wins!

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