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Executive Team

At LTS we take a different approach to education by answering why people choose to have a relationship with us.  We began by asking: what makes us different? You answered: it’s how we reach kids and how we teach kids that sets us apart. These two ideas define our products and drive what we do every day.  

Our team told us they wanted to do work that made a difference, work that mattered.  
We believe our legacy can be seen in our people, the work we do and the difference our products are making in kids’ lives.  This approach began with our founder.  Come meet Brian Shulman and the people at LTS, and you’ll see how we are leaving a legacy with each product we create.

The educational community told us they wanted help reaching kids in ways that engage them, and we could not agree more!  The best way to describe the states, school districts and schools that use our products is – engaged!  In fact, kids call it playing. We call it learning.

Principals told us they wanted more resources with more opportunities to learn, without increasing costs. We’re changing the way kids see the classroom by bringing it to them wherever and whenever they want to learn.

Teachers told us they wanted a way to reach kids who others classified as “unreachable.”  We answered that call with products that connect learning to competition.  When teachers watch kids use our products, we hear them say, 
“They compete, we win.”

Afterschool programs told us they wanted a way to connect the core of the classroom to the core of the kid.  With our adaptive technology that automatically scaffolds the curriculum to support individual student needs, kids make that transition while hitting their STRIDE.  Kids that use our product don’t call it homework, they call it their work. 
And to us, that’s what’s important.

Reaching Kids, Teaching Kids, in ways that they love, teachers understand and parents see – that’s our promise to you! 

Our History

Brian Shulman founded LTS in 2001 after recognizing the need to reach at-risk youth and teach them basic skills in a new and engaging format, online using motivating video games and peer competitions. LTS’s flagship program, Mascot University, was released in Sept. 2001. In 2002, the program was renamed Kid’s College. Kid’s College was upgraded and enhanced annually until its sunset on Dec. 31, 2013, when the HTML5-engineered Stride Academy became our principal edugaming platform. More than a decade since its inception, LTS is one of the fastest growing privately held educational software companies, continuously striving to improve the student-teacher experience.

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